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Famous Line Drill

Take a tee and scrape a line in the ground. Set up so that the line would be roughly an inch ahead of your ball position. Then take swings and compare to the line when you take a divot. In the ideal situation, you will take the divot about an inch after the line, and your divot will be about the size of a dollar bill. If you can accomplish this task, then solid ball striking is only a matter of having the clubface square-ish and the ball in the right place.

This drill has been used by lots of instructors, but most recently made popular by Mike Bennet and Andy Plummer of Stack and Tilt. Mike demonstrates hitting 17 shots, without having a single divot start behind the line.

Playlists: STS - Faults and Fixes

Tags: Poor Contact, Iron, Impact, Release, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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