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Push Ball

How to do it

Get in your good set up position and address a golf ball. From there, try to get into a good impact position using the body image that you have practiced with the MGR drill. Now, apply a force into the golf ball as you move through to follow through position. If you flip the club and use mostly your hands to transfer the speed, then the ball will slide up the face and not go very far at all. But, if you do this right, the ball will “stick” to the face and the ball will go flying 10-30 yards out and just left of the target.

What to focus on and why

This drill can help you with the timing and direction of the arm motions as well as having enough rotation and side bend. Also, it help you feel transfering energy from your body through your arms instead of just using your hands.  With practice, you will feel how this movement blends into a feeling of bracing and you can use this feeling to help you practice 9 to 3 drills.  I use this drill frequently with beginners and better players alike, so try it for yourself and work on a better impact position and timing.

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