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Bunker Swing Mechanics Overview

How we move in golf reflects what our goals are with the tool in our hands. In a bunker, our goal is to strike the sand with the trailing edge of the club (the bounce side of the club). If we have a lot of shaft lean (which exposes the leading edge or "dig" side of the club, then the only way to get the bounce to work is to have the clubface wide open. Remember, there are three ways to ADD BOUNCE:

    1. Lower the handle (flatter angle).
    2. Open the face (point the face more to the right or clockwise)
    3. Move the handle back (farther from the target than the ball)

Our goal is to have a club that is slightly open, and a shaft that is close to vertical. This exposes plenty of bounce. To accomplish this, the force in our our swing will be dominated by the arms and torso, but have little contribution from the hips. Also, as the left arm tends to pull the handle forward, this shot will be more of a right arm swing. In order to minimize the need for the body, we have to take a big enough arm swing in the backswing to allow gravity to help the right arm create enough speed.

Tags: Bunker, Set Up, Impact, Follow Through, Backswing, Transition, Release, Concept, Intermediate, Beginner

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