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Ulnar Deviation - Down, Not Down The Plane

I recently received a member question regarding a phrase I have used in one of our ulnar deviation or "unhinge" training videos. As a refresher, it is important to remember that ulnar deviation is one of the big arm shallowers; it helps keep the club wide & away from the body in transition and it is key for creating a good "flat-spot". Unfortunately, many golfers have been taught to retain this hinge in an effort to increase "lag" and distance. However, this will often lead to a flip-stall release and consistency problems.

Ultimately, we want to remember that the unhinge works vertically and not "down the plane". That is, we want to avoid unhinging towards the ball; it should work up & down, while the delivery of the club into impact will be driven more by our body/pivot. If you have been working on this pattern, but are still struggling with pulls and steep contact, this clarification may help. 

Playlists: Unhinge in the release, Train Your Release

Tags: Release, Member Question, Intermediate

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