STS - Faults and Fixes

  • Forward Lunge Overview 05:37
    Forward Lunge Overview Lunging forward can become a frustrating swing issue until you know why it happens
  • Shank Gate 03:41
    Shank Gate A quick band aid for golfs most frustrating miss
  • Understanding The Chicken Wing 03:34
    Understanding The Chicken Wing The chicken wing is an often misunderstood swing fault. Learn what really causes it in this video.
  • Early Extension Overview 08:13
    Early Extension Overview The pattern characterized by an overuse of the lower body, standing up on the downsing, or adjusting for an early release of the trail arm.
  • Loss Of Posture Overview 07:33
    Loss Of Posture Overview The swing pattern characterized by standing up in the backswing.
  • Sway Overview 05:34
    Sway Overview The swing pattern characterized by shifting the pelvis away from the target in the back swing.
  • Cast Overview 09:06
    Cast Overview The swing pattern characterized by a transition dominate by the upper body.
  • Famous Line Drill 02:35
    Famous Line Drill A simple way to monitor the location of the low point during your swing.
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