How to Film a Swing

Some simple tips on how to film your swing for the best results

Recommended Camera Setup:

  • Place the camera or phone on a tripod or stationary object.
  • If the camera has an adjustable shutter speed, then set it to at least 1/2000.
  • When choosing a camera, aim for a frame rate of at least 120fps.
  • Make sure the camera is level.
  • Position the camera at about the height of your belly button and pointing at your hands.
  • Place an alignment rod on the ground for our reference.

Correct - Down the line view

Place the camera on a tripod directly in line with your hands and parallel to the target line. Use an alignment stick or club on the ground to indicate your target. This stick should be in the middle of the screen and appear as a straight vertical line as shown below.

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Common Mistake - Down the line view

In this example, notice how the stick appears at an angle. This would not be an ideal view to analyze a swing.

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Common Mistake - Down the line view

Do not worry if your body is not aligned square to the stick on the ground. In this view, the camera is square to the body, but not to the target. Make sure the camera is in line with the stick on the ground, which is in line with your target.

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Correct - Front view

Set up the camera so that the alignment stick is parallel to the bottom of the screen. Aim to position yourself and your hands in the center of the screen.

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Common Mistake - Front view

Here is an example of a face on view where the stick on the line is not parallel to the camera. This is harder to analyze than the picture above.

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