The Ultimate Guide for Do-It-Yourself Golfers

The GSA System

How does it work?

Step 1: Play

Get out there and hit some balls. The only way to find your swing is by playing. The GSA System teaches you what to look for while you play. Then you’ll be able to gather valuable feedback with each shot.

Step 2: Diagnose

Once you've collected feedback for the swing you're working on, The GSA System shows you how to use it to diagnose your core issues. Miss patterns and other key indicators are used to identify which movements you need to train.

Step 3: Train

Now that you've identified the issues with your swing, The GSA System a ton of the videos that demonstrate the necessary drills to fix them. Mulligan Virtual Coach™ is a simple tool that guides you to only the drills you need by answering a few simple questions.

Be your own coach

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