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  • I have been to many teachers around the country, all of which I have learned from, but Tyler is unique in that he has the ability to tie it all together. He was able to clear my mind of useless clutter and get straight to the cause of my issues.

    Charles Howell III
    PGA Tour Winner

  • In my opinion, Tyler is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world concerning what the arms and hands do in the golf swing.

    Stan Utley
    PGA Tour Winner

  • From detailed drills to in-depth personalized video analysis, Golf Smart Academy has been instrumental in laying out the groundwork for my practice sessions and improvement on a daily basis. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their game on any level

    Stephen Hollingsworth
    Golf Smart Academy Member

  • Tyler is the first golf instructor I have seen who always gives the student the "Why" as a major component of their instruction. It is very much appreciated. Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it solves a lot of confusion for the student. Keep up the good work.

    Bill Dobson
    Golf Smart Academy Member

  • I'm an assistant golf professional and I've been working with Golf Smart Academy since it launched. At first, I was a bit concerned about the teaching experience through online communications. I can say now with confidence that Tyler's teaching methods are effective and truly work!

    A.J. Berglund
    Golf Smart Academy Member

  • Since joining Golf Smart Academy, I have dropped my handicap index from 3.7 to .7, shot a career low 65, and won my club championship. Last year I qualified for the mid-am for the first time. Tyler's videos explain the golf swing like no other teacher I've come across over the years. If you watch his videos you will improve your game.

    Clayton Davidson
    Golf Smart Academy Member

  • Due to an injury, I stopped golfing for nearly 8 months. When I came back, my game really suffered. I grew more frustrated every time I played even to the point of wanting to quit. In less than two months, Golf Smart Academy got me consistently 30 yards longer. At my age, I really had my doubts, but the movements he's showed me work and make the game more enjoyable.

    Kurt Anderson
    Golf Smart Academy Member

  • I just joined yesterday and I am going through the videos (amazing stuff). I am very, very excited about what I have found on your site. I just found it by accident by the way (on YouTube) and liked what I saw in the video and then went to the site. Great work and great concept...

    Greg Owens
    Golf Smart Academy Member

  • I'm embarrassed to say I'm also a teaching pro and I am here learning from someone much younger than me! I want to feel like I know it all but you've helped me sort out quite a few things! I think what you are doing here is great stuff.

    Golf Smart Academy Member

  • Thanks for helping me take my game to a higher level, your understanding of the biomechanics of the golf swing is breaking new ground.

    Paul Mohr
    Shortly after joining, this member won the Nebraska Amateur

  • I have improved from a 6.3 index to 5.2 index at Everett Golf & Country Club since joining Golf Smart Academy a month ago. My stock full swing is getting much better. Now I am now focusing on my putting and improving from a good putter to a great putter. Thanks for the great product!

    Brian P Bratager
    Golf Smart Academy Member


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30 Yard Reference - Finesse Wedge Establishing a useful 30 yard "reference point" using 3D data.


Monitoring Chest Height - Pool Noodle Using a pool noodle (or alignment stick) to increase awareness and troubleshoot …


Trail Hand Grip - Putting Analyzing the anatomy and mechanics behind a proper trail hand grip.


Swing Analysis - Charles Howell III - Driver & Fitness Program A detailed look at Charles Howell III's driver swing and effects of


Swing Analysis - Charles Howell III - Iron Play A swing analysis of Charles Howell III's elite level iron play.


Strong Grip & Low Point Issues Understand the relationship between a strong grip, body mechanics, and troubleshooting issues …


Full Swing Drill - "L-To-L" A classic full-swing drill for golfers struggling with a "chicken-wing" release pattern.


Case Study - Yardstick & Swing Path A case study for better visualizing and managing your club path.


Collin Morikawa - Slow Motion Wrist and Club Face Analysis See how the motorcycle fits an elite swing


Swing Analysis - Collin Morikawa - Transition A video discussing a couple of key moves to Collin's long iron …


Adjusting For The Rough - Finesse Wedge Exploring common mistakes and keys for success when dealing with shots out …


Moe Norman - Arm Drill A release drill inspired by one of the straightest (and greatest) ball-strikers …


The Recoil Drill An advanced drill for players looking to break the habit of a …


Swing Analysis - Patrick Reed An in-depth look at major winner Patrick Reed's consistent, yet somewhat unique …


T-Rex Unhinging An excellent combo drill for troubleshooting the unhinge & wipe release patterns.


Feeling The Weight Of The Clubhead - Putting A useful concept for improving rhythm and distance control.


Investigating Arm Bracing A helpful analysis for golfers struggling at the bottom of the swing.


Arms Wipe, Not The Clubhead A great reminder for players starting to train "the wipe" pattern.


Lead Foot Low Point A great drill for tying together a few technical "pieces" at the …


Discussing The Elbow Pattern A multi-faceted approach for players struggling with both consistency & power.


Stock Distances - Finesse Wedge A few references for dialing in "touch" with the finesse wedge shot.


Hogan Open Right Thumb A challenging "legend" inspired drill for improving trail arm & release mechanics.


Live Lesson: The Release A live lesson teaching the stock tour swing release


Flip The Handle - Finesse Wedge A great way to feel and improve ulnar deviation (or the "cast" …


Straight Arm Triangle A dynamic progression of the classic "Merry-Go-Round" drill.


Merry Go Round - Finesse Wedge A detailed break-down of the "pivot" for the finesse wedge shot.


Meter Stick Distance Control - Putting Improve your distance control by dialing in your stroke length & tempo …


Visualizing Angle Of Attack An easy way to visualize angle of attack using a lie board


Brushing The Bounce - Finesse Wedge A great drill progression for learning how to effectively use the bounce …


Open Trail Hand - Finesse Wedge One of the best finesse wedge drills for improving sequencing and release …


Side Arm Throw How a side arm throw can help train key body movements to …


Training Your Pendulum Feel A fast and effective way to achieve a proper "pendulum" putting stroke.


Towel Drill - Finesse Wedge A classic drill for improving your "coast" pattern and preventing overactive hands.


Float Loading This video explains what float loading in a swing is


Comparing Your Pattern To The Model Everyone needs to feel different things to fix similar issues


Identify Your Clubface Closing Pattern How to identify your clubface closing pattern


Full Swing With Putter A great "reference" point for golfers who struggle with distance control on …


Split Grip Club Throw - Finesse Wedge Improve your "cast" sequence for better wedge play.


Connecting Swing Path To Low Point A great concept for golfers who struggled with a severe out-to-in club …


Roll It Down The Meter Stick A challenging and easy to setup drill for improving start-line at home …


Analysis - Visualizing Bounce An detailed analysis of using "bounce" in the finesse wedge shot.


The Science of the Putter Flip A scientific breakdown of a "wristy" putting stroke and some possible fixes.


The Wipe - Controlling Center of Rotation Correlating "the wipe" to low-point control & consistent iron play.


Visual Alignment Calibration - Putting Re-calibrate your alignment for an easier, free-flowing putting stroke.


Picket Fence Start Line Training A visual drill to re-focus and train starting line for improved on-course …


Three Identical Putts One of my "go-to" speed-control drills for putting.

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