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Clinic Jackson 5

The lateral bump of the lower body is one of the critical moves for a solid golf swing.  The tour average amount of shift during the downswing is 3 to 6 inches, and most of that shift happens before the arms drop below chest height.  This movement is critical for getting a shallow angle of attack and a path that isn't too far to the left.  Meaning, that this move is more critical for the longer clubs than it is for the shorter clubs.

How to do it 

To execute the Jackson 5 move, place a club or alignment stick across your hips the same way you did in the find your hips drill. Practice bumping your hips laterally toward the target using a mirror to make sure that you don't make the common errors:

  • Rotating before you bump
  • Letting the upper body create the bump
  • Moving toward the golf ball as you bump, if anything, you want to let your chest drop down during this move


Progressing the move

Once you can do the basic move make a backswing pivot and try to recreate the same bump feeling. The image that has helped many golfers is the old Motown dance move where the backup singers would slide to the left and push their right hand down to the right. Once the left hip is sufficiently higher than the right hip, go ahead and begin rotating into the Merry go round position that you practiced in the impact section. When you feel proficient you may hit 9 to 3 shots or even full swing shots trying to recreate the Jackson 5 feeling.

For more ways to understand this movement, check out the Jackson 5 progressions in the related video section.

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