My swing - where to start


My swing - where to start  

  By: Adam C on Nov. 18, 2020, 7:15 a.m.

Hi Tyler,
Just joined the site, and here is a down the line video of an 8 iron swing. As you can see, I have been practicing with my butt up against a chair to try to stop early extending my hips on the downswing. Also, while I have just started working on the motorcycle move with my left hand as I start the downswing, I think I still have an issue with casting, not shallowing the club enough, and having an open club face at impact. Would love your advice on what flaws I should attack first.

Thank you,


Re: My swing - where to start  

  By: Tyler F on Nov. 18, 2020, 9:24 p.m.

Hi Adam,
Welcome to the site. As you can see, the issues in a swing are typically interrelated. There are a few things going on in your move. I'll address the specific issues, then a suggestion.

First, if you see the picture, the clubface is on the shut side. So, I'd say the motorcycle isn't the main issue here. I usually go there first for golfers who struggle with an open face or lack of shaft lean because of right misses.

I think the bigger issue for you is the steep arms combo with the cast. The second picture highlights the body being under rotated and the club in a more vertical position compared to the body. If we were working together in person I would probably check out your 9-3's first. I think that will help you learn to hit it with more of a body move and less of a big arm pull.

Then I would work on the top of backswing position second. Preventing you from loading the chop pattern. Third, I would work on the arm swallowing to connect those two swing phases.

With the 9 to 3, I would start with presetting unhinge (one of the big shallow arm moves) drill.

I would also consider some type of alignment stick drill to help with the body rotation in the follow-through (don't worry that this drill says for shaft rotation, just focus on the follow-through position of it).

Good luck, keep us posted!


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