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Troubleshooting - Set Up

There are a handful of common problems that show up in the set up position.  Most of them relate to your idea of what you want to do during the downswing. But here is a check list for the most common set up problems and how they affect your golf swing.

Set up -

  • miss aligned shoulders - either pointed too far to the right, or more likely, too far to the left
  • tension in the arms/hands - limits wrist movements and generally leads to a shoulder dominated swing
  • grip in the palm - limits wrist movements
  • bend from the spine instead of the hips - using the spine to get down to the golf ball instead of the hips makes rotation difficult

There are lots of other topics that can cause cofusion that we answer in the Set Up section.  These questions include:

  • How much foot turn out (foot flare) should I have and why?
  • How wide should my stance by?
  • How do I know if my grip strength matches my body movements?
  • How do I determine if I am bending from the hips or spine, and what are good ways to practice it?

If you have any questions that we haven't thought of, please send us a message so we can help you with your Set Up for great golf.

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